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Recital Tickets $15… NO miscellaneous production fees!

Costume Prices are changing this year. We are looking to provide costumes that can be worn other than for the recital. 

Tuition: Is paid every 4 weeks One hours classes start at $50. There are also substantial family and multiple class discounts.  Two hours of class is $80 every 4 weeks.


Cauterskill Youth Ballet

All classes are a classic run class with barre, Au Milieu, Adage, Pirouette, Petite Allegro, Grande Allegro, and a Reverence. We use the Cecchetti method and vocabulary. Students are placed in classes that meet their age and level of technique. Hours of commitment are dependent on each students goals and level.



Pointe is available for students age 10 and older with approval from Mistress Alison.  Students must take 2.5 hours of ballet class per week.  Students are required to continue training throughout the year and also complete at least four hours of class during the summer months.  It is highly suggested that pointe students also register for modern class as well.


Modern class is available for any ballet student. Modern students must take at least one ballet class. Class consists with a warm up, center work, floorwork, progressions and technique across the floor. We teach several genres of modern dance therefore developing a well rounded student.



Class available for those 2.5 – 4 years of age.  Introduction to ballet, gross motor movement, and FUN!

Petite Playtime

This class is offered to those students 18 – 26 months old.  This precious time creates a social environment for your little one while introducing musicality and gross motor movements through the use of play and props.



This class is offered to those students 4 -6 years old.  The class continues to focus on the development of gross and fine moter skills.  Ballet incorporates half of the class; while the other half is accentuated monthly between lessons of tap and acrobatics.




Combo has been developed to advance students in the arts of jazz and tap. Students will receive 45 minutes of instruction each week in each genre of tap and jazz. Class will begin with a warm up into center and across the floor. Proper technique, rhythm and vocabulary will be a part of each class. Some classes may be asked to compete or perform at local competitions and events.There are 5 levels for this class. Children will be recommended and placed in response to their age and ability.



Lyrical is offered to the ballet student 3 or higher. Students are taught to dance with emotion and work with the lyrics of the music to create a story; while incorporating their technique and knowledge from ballet class.  Must be enrolled in ballet to participate in this class.



This class introduces the floor form of gymnastics that encourages strength and flexibility. Acrobatics teaches basic floor movements and the technique of acrobatics. Partnering and stunt work will then be added. This class is offered to those 3 and older.


Private and Semi-Private


30 minutes per wk $135 every 4 weeks

Lessons are available for the student who is looking to further a dance career and attend local, state and national competitions. Application and audition are necessary. Students must be enrolled in a class and attend ballet class weekly for a minimum of one hour.